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February 2017

Northwest en Espanol

Northwest en Espanol

Every Sunday, 10:50 AM - 12:00 PM
Category: Anyone may attend

Hide DetailsWhen: Every Sunday, 10:50 AM - 12:00 PM
Coordinator: Maurico Mejia

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Northwest en Español es un lugar emocionante, donde ayudamos a todo tipo de personas a encontrarle sentido a su vida teniendo a Cristo como centro de ella. Somos una creciente y próspera comunidad de personas diversas, unificadas en torno a una pasión común: conocer, amar y servir a Jesucristo, dándolo a conocer al mundo.
¡Estamos seguros de que aquí en Northwest en Español encontrarás no solo una congragación, sino una familia que se ama, se cuida y se apoya!
Gracias por visitar nuestro sitio y descubrir cómo Dios está obrando en y a través de nuestra iglesia.

Grupos de Vida: Domingos a las 9:30am

Adoracion en Español: Domingos a las 11:00am
Un servicio con un ambiente familiar, música contemporánea, genuina adoración y una enseñanza practica de la Palabra de Dios.

Enfocate (Estudio Biblico): Miercoles a las 6:00pm

NW kids: Miercoles a las 6:00pm

212 Student Ministry (jovenes): Miercoles a las 6:00pm

Clases de Ingles: Miercoles a las 6:00 pm


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NW Connect

NW Connect

Every Sunday, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Visit worship guests in their homes directly after the worship service each Sunday to say thanks and drop off a small gift from the church.  You can also be involved by providing baked goods occasionally for part of the weekly gifts.  For more information, contact Denny McConnell.

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March 2017

Champs Camp 2017

Champs Camp 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017, 8:00 AM - Friday, March 17, 2017, 5:00 PM
Category: Children

Hide DetailsWhen: Monday, March 13, 2017, 8:00 AM - Friday, March 17, 2017, 5:00 PM
Where: MAC Gym, 3030 NW 23rd , Oklahoma City, OK US 73107
Cost: Online Pre-registration: $60.00, 2 Child Registration: $120.00, 3 Child Registration: $180.00
Coordinator: Vicki Sears

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Be sure to submit payment above (for each child) AND register their information below. If signing up more than 3 Children, please submit multiple payments and forms.

Champs Camp is a week-long sports camp for children in 1st-6th grade. Kids will get to play and experience all sorts of sports throughout the week while learning about the message of Christ. Cost is $60 per child for online registration below by Friday March 10th and $70 per child for day-of registration so sign-up early below!

Champs Camp Registration 2017
Child Information

Please enter all of the following information for your child. If you are registering more than one child, the next section will allow you to register more children.

This aids us in confirming payment.

By checking the below box, I affirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of the included child(ren) in this form, and that I do release, absolve, indemnify, and hold harmless Northwest Baptist Church and partnering sports facilities, the organizers, sponsors, and supervisors from any and all loss, injury, or other damage to us or the above named person(s) arising out of their participation in church sponsored events. In case of injury, I hereby waive all claims against the organizers, the sponsors, or any of the supervisors appointed by them.

Parent Release Agreement*

Checking this form qualifies as a legal and binding signature.

Child 2 & 3 Information:

If you are only registering 1 child, simply click "Submit" at the bottom of this form.

If you are registering a second/third child, please complete all of the following fields.  We will use the parent email and daytime phone from the previous section.

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